Program Notes

I write program notes on a wide range of repertoire for organizations including the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, Tippet Rise Art Center, and Bard Music West. Please contact me if you are interested in reprinting any of my notes or commissioning something new.




Piano Trio

String Quartet and Quintet



  • Britten: Folksong Arrangements (selections)
  • Crumb: Apparition
  • Mozart: “L’amerò, sarò costante” from Il re pastore, K. 208
  • Mozart: “Ruhe sanft, mein holdes Leben” from Zaide, K. 344
  • Mozart: Scena con rondo: “Non più, tutto ascoltai … Non temer, amato bene,” K. 490
  • Mozart: “Chi sà, chi sà, qual sia,” K. 582
  • Mozart: “S’altro che lagrime” from La clemenza di Tito, K. 621
  • Poulenc/Milhaud/Françaix: Mouvements du coeur


  • Cowell: Return
  • Cage/Harrison: Double Music